Why is there so much fighting within the Muslim world?

Globalization has squeezed together people of different cultures tighter than ever before increasing tension between geographically adjacent groups.As the level of violent conflict has increased many political groups have misappropriated religious themes to justify the killing of their neighbors. Thus while the fighting may externally appear to be religiously driven the true underlying cause is often economic. 

Does the Koran tell Muslims to kill Jews & Christians?

The Koran is very clear in stating that the Muslim religion is continuation of the Jewish and Christian faiths. A Muslim holds Torah and Gospels as revelations given to Jews and Christians. A Muslim is not a Muslim if he does not believe in The Torah, The Gospels, The Psalms and The Quran. He also believes in the spiritual teachings of all the Holy Scriptures.

Islam is the religion of Muslims.  It means total surrender or submission to One Creator of all humanity.  The essence of surrender/submission or Islam is shown to all people all over the world.  Islam or surrending did not start from Prophet Mohammed.  The Quran says in 42:13 that Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and all Prophets preached surrendering to One God – which is the meaning of the word Islam.

Muslims are spread all over the world.  They range any where from 1.2 billion to 1.4 billion.  Approximately 40 million live in Western countries.  These Muslims have developed a more interfaith-friendly approach to other religions.

Reforms are underway among Western Muslims.  However, Muslims do not follow one set of homogenous teachings.  Muslims like Christians are divided into numerous sects.  Some are modernizing and progressive while others are not.

There are sects of Muslims who interpret the Islamic scriptures in a very narrow minded way. They often brand Jews and Christians as infidels (i.e. non-believers) even though there is no scriptural basis. The Quran calls the Jews and Christians, “People of The Book”  just as Muslims. All religions have extremist element and Muslims are not immune to extremism too. But this is not the way the majority of Muslim community thinks or behaves.

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