The Origin of Faith

The Origin of Faith

How was your religion founded?

Islam which means total surrender and submission to God/Allah/Bhagwan/Yahweh has been the religion from the days of Adam and Eve. Muslims look towards Islam as “way of life.” Quran in 42:13 says: “The same religion has God established for you that which was enjoined on Noah. That which was send as inspiration to you (Mohammed pbuh) and that which was given to Abraham, Moses and Jesus (Buddhism, Hinduism and other paths are also included that existed before the coming of Prophet Mohammed) that we should stay steadfast in religion (submission/surrender to our Lord) and make no divisions therein. (This means work for the unity of humankind) As for those who worship other things than God (meaning – gods, money, power, idols, humans, etc.) they are on difficult track or wrong way to call from. God chooses those people who turn towards God for guidance. And God is always for those who sincerely ask for direction.

What should be our approach when we want to discern what a trustworthy scripture is?

To summarize, the Quran says: “To every people was sent an Apostle to teach them in their own language in their own country – making things clear” 10:47, 14:4 & 16:36. Hence a Muslim can never say that other faiths were denied revelations from God.

When certain parts of Scriptures (not all) reflect the Constitutional values of the 21st century then trustworthiness of that part of Scripture is validated. Muslims are also aware that wisdom lies in re-visiting centuries old interpretation and translation of the Holy Scriptures to make sure that global values of the 21st century are reflected. Such global values which come from religious and secular communities all over the world. Muslims believe that even China and India, old civilizations have had Apostles or Wise People send to guide the general population to peaceful and prosperous ends.

Islam blends the boundaries from Abraham’s faith (Judaism, Christianity & Islam) to non-Abrahamic faiths, like Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Taoism and Native People Spirituality, Quran affirms that to every people were send Apostles, in their own language and in their own country to make things clear.


Divisiveness of humanity lies in misinterpretation and wrong interpretation. That is why people become arrogant, jealous and war-like in promoting their own religious values.

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