The Forum for Tolerance & Muslim Unity

The Forum for Tolerance & Muslim Unity

Who We Are

A group of leading scholars, academics, and politicians rising to the challenge of providing real leadership, clarity and guidance in the midst of distrust, confusion and sectarianism.
Opposing uniformity but advocating for the shared concerns that effect our society.

Establishing a forum where Muslims from various persuasion can come together under one umbrella, calling for unity, tolerance, dialogue and the preservation of human life.

What We Do


A Forum which is non-governmental/sectarian providing a platform where modern issues and problems can be discussed and evaluated.


Putting in place the relevant frameworks and mechanism in order to address and deliberate on the most contentious issues that Muslims face in the twenty-first century.


Leading scholars, experts and professionals (with volumes of experience) providing real leadership, management and guidance for the Muslim community in a new modern era.

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